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20 teachers were asked about their favorite course 7 teacher said language 3 teachers said history 9 teacher said geometry 1 teacher said chemistry 0 teachers said physics create a bar chart showing everyone's favorite courses so we've got the bar chart right over here and let's see what we need to plot so it's at 0 teachers said physics which is surprising to me because since physics is arguably my favorite course but let's plot what the data has so physics so right now it looks like it's halfway between 0 and 1 so actually to bring the physics down to zero see chemistry they said let's see one teacher said chemistry so we got to bring chemistry up to one now 9 teacher said geometry so geometry let's bring that up to nine one teacher said chemistry oh I read that history history 3 teacher said history so let's bring history up to three and then language 7 teacher said language so let's move this up to 7 and I think we if I didn't make any careless mistakes we should be done yep very good